In the recent past, study towards marijuana focused on the harmful and adverse effects on human body. The trend was very common in the various part of the world this lead to the burning of the use of marijuana in many states. However, different states had a different opinion on the use and legalization of marijuana. This lead to in-depth research and study on the usefulness of the drug.  Some countries later legalized the use of marijuana. Others legalized it when it is only being used for medical purposes. Below are reasons why people use medical marijuana.

Why Use Medical Marijuana

Treats and controls glaucoma effect of the eyemckddkdkdkddk

Glaucoma defect of the eye is a condition of the eye that increases pressure in the eyeball. When pressure accumulates in the eyes, it damages the optic nerve. This is the nerve responsible for sending vision responses to the brain. When the optic nerve is damaged, it leads to loss of vision. Marijuana can decrease eye pressure in the human body. It does this by reducing intraocular pressure in the eye. Further study has revealed that marijuana has the ability to increase vision in human eyes. Opticians who have tried marijuana to treat glaucoma confirms that patients regain their earlier conditions.

Controls cancer from spreading

Cannabidiol is the chemical in marijuana that prevents cancer from spreading. Cancer is the abnormal growth and multiplication of the cells. Cannabidiol can turn off on a gene called id-I. This is a gene responsible for stimulating the cancer cells. Research done in the year 2016, a breast cancer patient was found to have a high concentration of id-I cells. The patient was treated with cannabidiol substance from marijuana. Within one the results showed that the level of id-I cell decreased by seventy percent. In the early stages of cancer, marijuana has the ability to kill the cancer cells.

Improves lung health

Unlike tobacco, marijuana is not associated with damaging the lungs. Tobacco smoker suffers from lung diseases and cancer of the lungs. This is not the case with the marijuana users. Marijuana has the ability to reduce the carcinogenic complication of tobacco usage. Marijuana never impairs the functioning of the lungs. Marijuana increases the functioning and the capacity of the lungs. Marijuana cures smell infectivity and can enhance the sense of smell.

Reduces pain and decreases anxiety

kjdkdkddkdkMarijuana has the ability to reduce pain and decrease anxiety. Further study showed that marijuana has the ability to reduce and cure nausea. Marijuana smoker is associated with high moods and reduced stress. However, marijuana for reducing anxiety should be taken under prescription. Excess use of marijuana can cause anxiety and subject one to becoming paranoid.

In conclusion, marijuana has amazing medicinal benefits. Marijuana is also used to improve sleep. Marijuana usage should, however, be as prescribed by a medical officer. Excess use of marijuana makes one looks paranoid. Everyone should, however, appreciate the medical value of marijuana.