Most people often primarily get their pedicure done because of beauty. However, pedicure has also proved to have health benefits as well.

Feet infections

One may have some problems with their feet and not even realize it. A lot of people do not think that a discolored toenail may be the sign of a fungus infection and that dry, peeling skin on your feet and toes may be from athlete’s foot. It is imperative for the health of your feet to see a physician about these conditions and to get the prescribed and recommended treatments for the problems. As with any medical condition, it is advised to seek more than one opinion regarding the treatment of your foot issues.

Why Pedicure Is good for your health

e3gtbregrfOnce your feet are all free and clear of any medical problems, it is time to indulge them in some spa services. A pedicure is a wonderful way to make your feet feel and look better. A common pedicure includes soaking in a warm whirlpool bath and having your feet and calves massaged with various moisturizing lotions.

Your nails are cleaned and trimmed and polished if that is what you desire. Some pedicures include a paraffin wax treatment which helps to seal in your natural moisture and have your rough feet feel soft and smooth again. Several spas have foot facials which are comparable to a regular facial with vitamins and lotions all rubbed into your feet.

Feet reflexology

Another alternative to care for your feet is to have reflexology or massage therapy. The hands and feet have more nerve endings in them than any other part of the body, and that is why it feels so good to have your feet rubbed. There are so many small muscles that get fatigued and overworked and having a therapeutic foot massage may make your feet feel less achy and more energized.

3e44gtrbterfReflexology is another kind of therapy where there are specific pressure points in the feet that affect other parts of the body. For example, if you are pregnant and overdue and wish to go into labor, you can have a reflexology treatment that will stimulate your uterus and help you go into labor.

Some colder climates give an excuse to hide those feet in cozy socks and warm shoes, and nobody has to wonder what your feet actually look like. But when it is warm, you will want to put on those sandals and go barefoot around the beach or at the pool and this is when you wish your feet to look their best. So, make the decision to have your manicure done today.